The Floating World is committed to sourcing rare and unique sake from breweries around Japan––and is excited to share them and our love of sake with the rest of  America! All of the sake that we import can be considered artisan: made by hand in small batches by small, family-owned companies using rice that is locally grown. Simple + pure = real & delicious. 

The sake in our small portfolio have been selected simply because we fell in love with them and wanted to share them with our friends “back home.” We truly believe that they will change you mind about what sake can taste like---and hope they inspire you to drink more, educate yourself, and enjoy!

Our unique, small production sakes rely on three simple, yet vital things: quality, locally grown rice, pure, local water and the technique and skill of the Toji, or Master Brewer.  The kura (breweries) we import offer some of the most diverse and captivating sake being produced in Japan today. Visit each sake’s page (links above right) for more information on the brewery and history, as well as photos and stories about the people who make each batch by hand!

Because we are a small company, representing small family-owned breweries, we are also starting small with our inventory: our inaugural foray into the importing world begins with only three “meigara” (brands)––but what a trio they are! We are completely convinced they will change you mind about premium sake!


Kidoizumi Shuzo


“White Jewel”




no Tengu”

“Forest Spirit”





Super Dry”